Who is eligible to the apply coverage?

All Members of the Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers are eligible to apply for insurance and receive preferred rates.

What does the policy cover?

The policy covers your premises liability and all operations and includes professional liability and care custody and control insurance to protect you against claims as a result of damage or injury to clients property and/or pets.

What is Care, Custody and Control Insurance?

All standard liability policies exclude coverage to personal property in your custody and control. This means that any personal property, including a pet that is physically within your care, custody or control is excluded from coverage should that property or pet be damaged or injured due to your negligence. The CAPPDT Insurance program includes care, custody and control insurance to protect you in these situations.

Does the policy cover “Pet Taxi” services (transporting pets in personal automobiles?)

Yes, the policy covers pets in your care, custody and control. Thus, whenever a pet is in your care, regardless if in a automobile, there would be coverage.

*Note* There is no automobile coverage provided under this policy. If automobile insurance is require, please contact us and we would be happy assist you.

What is the minimum limit of liability available under the program?

The minimum limit of liability available to members is $2,000,000. Higher limits of insurance are also available.

I am a professional pet dog trainer, but also provide other pet services. Are these covered?

Pet trainers with additional pet services can be covered under the program. You will need to complete the supplementary application on these operations for our review. Additional charges may apply.

What is Emergency Veterinarian Expense Coverage?

Accidents happen regardless of fault. The policy will pay for veterinarian Expenses on a reimbursable basis subject to medical receipts up to $1,000 for injury to pets in your care, custody or control caused by an accident to a maximum of $5,000 in any one policy year. (No deductible applies to you or your client)

What is Lost Key Coverage?

If you or any person acting on your behalf loses a clients key, this pays for the cost of re-keying the locks or installing new locks

Does Liability extend to cover me while participating within a show as it relates to my pet services?

Yes, the policy covers you for associated show attendance.