*Please note that as of September 1, 2017, the OASW Member Home and Auto Insurance Program has moved from Robertson Hall brokerage to PROLINK.

 Home + Auto Insurance

OASW wants to offer a Home and Auto insurance program that is as diverse as its membership. PROLINK is an insurance broker focused on managing member insurance programs for professional associations. PROLINK offers members access to different leading Canadian insurers at lower prices than the general marketplace. Our firm understands that member needs are unique and you deserve custom solutions through your OASW member benefit programs. Members with a Robertson Hall brokerage policy renewing after September 1 will no longer receive the OASW discount on their Robertson Hall brokerage policy. PROLINK will provide you with competitive rates and coverage, plus a OASW discount on your home and auto insurance policies. Please call PROLINK after you receive your Robertson Hall brokerage policy renewal information to learn the new options available. To request a no-obligation comparison quote anytime, simply call PROLINK toll free at 1-800-663-6828 and ask for a member of the OASW Personal Insurance Team; or, write to OASW@prolink.insure.

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  Professional Liability Insurance

OASW has partnered with PROLINK to provide a Professional Liability Insurance Program exclusively for OASW members.  OASW and PROLINK have worked closely to develop comprehensive and affordable insurance solutions exclusively available to members of the Ontario Association of Social Workers. Coverage can be obtained for as little as $100 a year! Other program highlights include:

  • $5 million in Professional Liability ($5 million aggregate) AND $5 million in General Liability ($5 million aggregate) for only $135 (includes $200,000 in Disciplinary Defence costs, all with no deductible);
  • Abuse coverage with a $1,000,000 limit;
  • Property coverage is available as an option;
  • Libel and Slander coverage is included;
  • Free legal telephone advice available for PROLINK policyholders.



If you have any questions or to obtain your user name and password to apply online, please contact OASW or PROLINK directly at OASW@prolink.insure or by calling our office toll free at 1-800-663-6828. Your support of this OASW program is greatly appreciated. PROLINK looks forward to servicing you, and we are looking forward to a successful partnership with OASW members.

Click here to view an educational video on the importance of Professional Liability Insurance for OASW members.


“PROLINK has been a valuable partner in providing risk management services to
our members. Besides obtaining highly competitive insurance coverage and pricing, I
have received great feedback on PROLINK’s prompt AND reliable professional
services from explaining coverages to handling claims.”

 -Joan MacKenzie Davies, Chief Executive Officer/ Chef de la direction OASW


“I had been hesitant, even reluctant, to switch insurers from my current long-standing insurance company. However after reaching out to PROLINK, and connecting with Kelvin Santos who is the OASW representative, I felt both optimistic and reassured.  Kelvin is an exceptional communicator, and he is able to explain the ‘in’s and out’s’ of the industry and simplify the process.  In addition, moving our insurance to PROLINK, as our new broker, has resulted in a surprising amount of savings for our family’s insurance needs (home & auto combined).  For me, making this simple and achievable was a great help, and I am always grateful to OASW for securing great resources for its membership”.

Anna Gold, MSW, RSW


“I was paying $1629.72/year for house insurance and $4170.48/year for our two vehicles and three drivers—one being my 19-year-old kid. That came to a total of $5800.20 per year for home and auto insurance.

With PROLINK, my home insurance is now $1212.84 and my car insurance is $2330, for a total of $3532.84. That’s a savings of $2267.36 annually!!!! My current agent even told me not to be a fool and take the group rate, as they could not match PROLINK’s rates. We still have 100% same coverage. So, YES, we are happy!! Plus, PROLINK waives the fee for social workers if you prefer to pay your insurance on a monthly basis.

I urge all members to take the chance and check PROLINK out. The savings could be substantial even on one car”. – Jake Farr, OASW member