Why PROLINK for your Business?

You believe it starts with trust, and so do we. Our three founders had a goal:  to build a firm on a base of honesty, integrity and caring.  We honour those principles today.  We will earn your trust through action – by listening well, “sharing the floor,” being forthcoming, and proving that we genuinely care.

You want a team experienced with organizations like yours in your industry.  Our people continually deepen their knowledge and experience in a wide range of industry segments including:

That said, we serve over 3,800 organizations, and have relevant experience in other sectors such as manufacturing, wholesale, retail, and transportation.  If you like what we’re about, give us a call.  We will be forthcoming when we share our relevance to you.

You expect competence, so it’s all about the team: process, expertise through industry insight, insurance insight, and third party connections.   You will experience a consultative approach designed to dive deeply into your business, challenges, risks and current processes.  You will learn about best practices in risk management in your industry and elsewhere.  You will discuss how to prioritize actions and investments.  You will have insight into standard and tailored solutions curated from the offerings of over 35 insurance companies.  You will have the option to leverage our network of experts in underwriting, consulting, risk management, and legal.  You will be provided with the tools to become a resilient organization.

Our goal is that you will be confident in the decisions you make with us, secure in knowing that we will have your back, and pleased with your “connection” to the insurance industry – all so that you can focus on growing your business with less worry.

A one-stop-shop for all insurance needs appeals to you.  PROLINK is a national, full-service insurance firm.  We can help you to set up a group program for you, your employees and all your families in home and auto, life, disability, and health and dental and critical illness.  For example, if you do not have a health and dental plan today or are unhappy with your current provider, we can offer highly tax efficient options for you to consider.