Your home is your castle and whether it’s a house, condo or a cottage, it’s one of your most valuable assets!  It therefore requires to be placed with an insurance company that understands your unique needs and personal situation. Automobile policies are government-regulated and are therefore largely standardized.  Here at PROLINK, we think your policy should still be tailored to your own needs with appropriate limits, deductibles, and discounts.  We promise to treat your policy as if it’s our own and fight to get you the best coverage at highly competitive rates.

Our exceptional plans offer comprehensive coverage and savings on the following:

  • Automobiles (including motorcycle and recreational vehicles)
  • Homes
  • Condominiums
  • Rented Dwellings
  • Cottages/Chalets

All home policies offer extensive coverage with limits exceeding those provided by the majority of homeowners’ policies on the market. The automobile insurance program offers exceptional rates, accident forgiveness and award winning 24-hour emergency claims services.

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