Remediation Expenses:

This coverage provides reasonable and necessary expenses resulting from any actual or alleged privacy or security breach for credit monitoring services and expenses for advertising and communications notices to your clients of the breach.

We are proud to double the amount of coverage in this area at NO ADDITIONAL COST to PSIP members.

Employment Practices Liability:

Few (if any) competitor policies have this coverage. If they do, the coverage is limited to actions brought against you by employees, but never extends to liability arising from your candidates on assignment.

EXAMPLES: An IC complains to the Human Rights Tribunal or launches a wrongful dismissal suit against you.

The PSIP PROGRAM coverage is to $250,000 per claim and in the aggregate.

Voluntary Property Damage:

We have NEVER seen a competitor’s policy with this protection! It provides you with up to $25,000 that you can give to your client as compensation for damage to their property which they sustained as a result of your or your candidate’s negligence (without forcing the client to sue you – all liability policies will only respond if the clients commences legal recovery – aka the client actually sues you).

EXAMPLE: An IC while working at a client’s site forgets to turn on an air conditioning unit causing a loss to a $25,000 server. The client points this out to you and you have two choices: 1) let them sue you or 2) pay them and keep them HAPPY.

Fines and Penalties:

Insurance policies DO NOT normally provide coverage for fines and penalties due to a Federal, Provincial or Territorial Law Violation.

EXAMPLES: CRA fines Staffing Company; or anti-spam; or privacy violation.

The PSIP PROGRAM coverage provides $25,000 per claim to a $100,000 annual aggregate.