Why PROLINK for Association Members and Other Professionals?

Your life is complicated enough. We can at least simplify your insurance. PROLINK can act as your one-stop-shop for insurance for you and your family. We take a holistic view, understand your professional, business, and personal needs, evaluate your coverage and costs today, and present a shortlist of options for you. We have access to over 30 insurance companies. With the breadth of solutions, the variety of price points, the different limits, options and benefits, we can put forward solutions that will fit your needs like a glove, or like your best pair of shoes, or your perfect jeans, or . . . . Make it easy on yourself.

You’d love to think about insurance no more than once a year (or ideally never). Well, never say never. PROLINK can have all your policies with us renew on the same date. So even though we will check in with you regularly, a solid review once a year is often a good idea. And we’ll facilitate it. We’ll call you prior to renewal, understand the changes in your life and work and how your needs have evolved. And, either on our recommendation or at your option, we can bring your needs to the insurance marketplace to assess any new services, coverage or lower price options. The process will not take too much of your time, because it’s our You will feel so confident in your decisions you may want to start thinking about insurance just for the pleasure of it (we’re kidding of course).

You want to feel confident that you have the right coverage. An executive at a direct-to-consumer insurance company said that a top question of those with damaged property in the Fort McMurray fires was “Are we covered for this?” Imagine the stress of not knowing for sure. Some insurers also place limits on coverage that not every client understands. Take overland water insurance as an example. Many customers are unaware that some insurance companies set small amounts of coverage. Imagine you have a fully furnished basement, and it’s flooded by storm runoff and only then you find out your coverage limit is $15,000. At PROLINK it’s our job to explain your coverage and the exposures, so that you can make a confident decision knowing all benefits and any risks.

You want the best price. While no one we know guarantees the lowest price, because at any point in time there may be a new low in the market, we can promise to find you the best price that reflects the coverage, services, options and claims experience that are important to you. If you are in a group plan with us through your association, it will be very hard for any other firm to offer you a better price, apples-to-apples. How do you like them apples?

Perhaps you have high value assets or very unique valuables. A beautiful home and cars. Commercial properties. Private businesses. Unique investments. International properties, jets, yachts, jewelry, wine, art and more. In addition to providing you access to the ideal business insurance providers, PROLINK represents the top “high value asset” insurers in Canada: Aviva Ovation, Chubb and Guarantee Gold and has the dedicated specialists to serve those with high value assets.

You like the idea of having a personal connection in the insurance industry. PROLINK will assign you to a named personal account executive and account manager each of whom have backups. We believe in knowing our clients and in the value of relationships. We best serve clients who agree with those beliefs.

You value the security of knowing who has your back when there is an urgent situation. Call centres measure customer service in terms of mean time to answer, adherence to schedule and contact quality. We measure customer service on whether or not your personal contacts were there to help when you needed them most. The contacts that you know, who know you, who will listen, respond rapidly, and who can guide you, set expectations, and advocate for you.

You appreciate dealing with the owners of a business. At PROLINK, a third of our employees, including all management, all account executives and many other staff members are proud shareholders. Owners care (with apologies to Westjet).